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Why North Minneapolis?

North Minneapolis is an area brimming with both great possibility and great need. NAZ is dedicated to serving North Minneapolis, a community of thirteen neighborhoods with a population of 67,000 residents, experiencing some of the greatest racial inequities in our city.

Who NAZ Serves

92% of NAZ families are families of color and 69% of NAZ families make less than $30,000 a year.

By Race

Black or African American - 78%
Hispanic/Latino - 9%
Not Reported - 7%
Multi-Racial - 4%
White - 1%
American Indian or Alaskan Native - 1%

By Income

$0-$29,999 - 69%
$30,000-$49,999 - 18%
$50,000—$69,999 - 2%
$70,000 - $89,999 - 1%
Prefer not to answer - 6%
Not Reported - 4%

Northside Families face significant obstacles.

Data from Minnesota Compass
of families who live in North Minneapolis have less than $50,000 annual income compared to 36% of families who live in every other part of Minneapolis (non-North Mpls).
residents of color in North Minneapolis – 41% of those are Black and 29% are White while the non-North Minneapolis population is 30% residents of color – 14% are Black and 67% White.
of the population in North Minneapolis has a bachelor's degree or higher compared to 58% of non-North Minneapolis

The challenges are real, but so are the solutions.

The NAZ model of whole-family support is helping to promote racial equity by eradicating educational and social disparities and generating economic growth for the entire region. 

The NAZ Model

Expectant mother sits on exercise ball holding stomach.
young scholar at computer
Shanetta and her family
Danielle Jackson and family
Family Achievement Coach Tatika in a classroom
The Hollman family
A young Black mother with 2 daughters and a son, in front of greenery.
Shai reading

Boundless Aspiration – building a brighter future together

Closing opportunity gaps is a team effort.
Blowing bubbles with Bri's Kids