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From Struggle to Success: Scholar Overcomes Behavior Issues and Excels in Learning

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Teachers struggled with how to support third-grader Nevin, who’s behavioral problems had caused him to be expelled from NAZ partner Ascension Catholic School. In partnership with the school, NAZ staff met with Nevin’s mom, Tina, to brainstorm solutions. Over the course of a few meetings, Team Nevin – Nevin, Tina, teachers, and the NAZ Collaborative – strategized a detailed approach to keep him in school, and he was accepted back to Ascension.  
Nevin’s NAZ coach, Angelica, began spending thirty minutes of every school day with him, helping him transition into the classroom in the morning. She also checked in with him throughout the day. “He looks forward to our check-ins,” Angelica says. "It’s given him confidence."
Angelica met regularly with the family to ensure they had the support they needed, and connected them to the NAZ behavioral health network. Meanwhile, Tina got her son to school on time every morning and helped him with his homework.

Since implementing this team approach, Nevin has made a 180-degree turn academically. Staff at school regularly calls his transformation "amazing."
When we align resources around a single child, the results can be life-changing. Now that Nevin is attending school regularly and better able to manage his emotions, his learning potential is limitless.