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Do I qualify for NAZ?


To qualify for participation in NAZ programs, you must:
  • Have at least one child pre-birth to age 18
  • Live in North Minneapolis and/or have a child who attends one of our anchor sites. Families can self-refer or be referred by one of our anchor partners

Eligible families will receive a $125 gift card once their enrollment is confirmed.


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Common Questions

By being part of the NAZ family, you receive:

  • Early childhood support and knowledge to help your child start kindergarten ready to learn.
  • Mentoring programs to give your child the added benefit of another trusted adult in their life.
  • After-school and summer educational support to give your child more time to learn.
  • Support the stability of the household so that children come to school ready to learn.
  • Family support for social and emotional concerns.
  • Career, finance & adult education support for adults seeking to improve their education and career path.
  • Connections to other families just like you who are working on goals for their whole family.

See more about our Programs here.

No. Regardless of your income status, you can enroll.

Once you complete the enrollment form, one of our Family Achievement Managers will call you with next steps. It depends on roster levels of each coach, but you will receieve initial contact within the first 3 weeks.

Enroll in NAZ today. Complete a brief form to start the process.