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Empowering Births: The Vital Role of a Doula with Expectant Mothers

Expectant mother sits on exercise ball holding stomach.

Northside resident and business owner, Deja, had already heard great things about the Northside Achievement Zone. When she found out she was expecting her first child, it was an easy decision to enroll. Her timing was such that she became one of the first NAZ parents to begin partnering toward academic success for her scholar months before birth.

Deja’s enrollment coincided with the launch of NAZ’s partnership with the doula program at Everyday Miracles, an organization dedicated to creating an ecosystem of support for Black and brown parents – so that baby and family receive the medical care and attention they need for a strong start. 

Thanks to Everyday Miracles, Deja and other expectant NAZ parents have been paired with a doula of color who understands both the perspective of Black- and brown-bodied parents and the complex medical decisions that happen throughout and beyond pregnancy.

The doula program offers both first time and veteran parents an opportunity to be seen and heard in the medical system - and an important thought partner as they make medical decisions for their families. Expectant parents receive a wide array of additional services through the Doula program, including pre-natal yoga, chiropractic care, and breastfeeding support and education. Together the NAZ collaborative is working tirelessly to end disparities at every stop along the path to academic and life success.